I’m a fan of George and BitMax. It’s great to see another exchange token on BitMax. I hear talks of launching HT Margin Trading in BitMax too, is that right?

10x margin trading on such token as HT is phenomenal. I hope Bitmax continues on this path.

they obviously understand the importance of margin trading

They obviously
Understand the importance
Of margin trading

                 - em777

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

My favorite tokens of on


It's indeed an interesting news for margin traders, the incentive is inviting and i'm of the opinion that bitmax has what it takes to make the margin trade a huge success.

Interestingly for me I still think having such huge leverage is really high and risky but profitable in a huge way if done right

Bitmax are really doing some great things. It's no surprise why they are growing so fast.

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