Primary Listing of BOLT – Upcoming Auction & BitTreasure

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Dear Users, announces primary listing of project BOLT(BOLT).
Deposit & Withdrawal will start at 10:00 p.m. EDT on Mar 24th.
Trading will start at 9:00 a.m. EDT on Mar 26th.

To celebrate primary listing of BOLT, will launch promotional events – Auction & BitTreasure.

Event 1: BOLT Auction
The event runs from 10:00 p.m. EDT, Mar 24th to 6:00 a.m. EDT, Mar 26th.
Terms & Conditions:

  1. Auction Item: eligibility to buy 5,000 BOLT at the opening price;
  2. Total number of bids: 200
  3. The bidding starts at price of 1 BTMX with minimum bid increment of 1 BTMX. Only unlocked BTMX in the Cash Account is eligible to be used as payment in the auction. Once the bid is submitted, the corresponding number of BTMX will be deducted from the Cash account.
  4. Users can place a higher bid at incremental amount to the earlier bid.
  5. Upon the conclusion of the event, top 200 users ranked by bidding price will be eligible to buy 5,000 BOLT at the opening price. For multiple bids at the same price, the bid placed first or earlier will prevail.
  6. For those 200 winners, they will only pay the auction price as the 200th bid and the excess will be refunded. The BTMX tokens from winning bids are subject to permanent lock-up. The user who loses the bid will be fully refunded within 24 hours.
  7. One user account is limited to one bid. When bidding, users must select the payment method - USDT or BTC. Within 24 hours post the listing, the amount of USDT/BTC will be calculated based on opening price and deducted from user’s Cash Account. 2,500 BOLT will be deposited to the user’s account. The rest 2,500 BOLT will be deposited to user’s account 30 days after the listing.
  8. In the case of insufficient USDT/BTC balance, the user will be deemed to voluntarily give up the bid and BTMX paid for bid is nonrefundable.
  9. reserves the final right on the interpretation and adjustment of these Terms and Conditions. For any abusing activities, the users will be disqualified from the auction once identified.

Event 2: BOLT BitTreasure
The event runs from 9:00 a.m. EDT, Mar 26th to 9:00 a.m. EDT, Apr 1st.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Users can transfer BOLT to BitTreasure and earn interest.
  2. Users cannot withdraw BOLT from BitTreasure before maturity date except for certain unforeseeable emergency subject to the platform review.
  3. The term starts one day after the purchase. Principal and interests will be calculated and automatically transferred back to the user’s account upon the maturity. Team
Mar 22nd, 2019


Bolt would launch their mainet on Zilliqa blockchain migrating from Ethereum chain. Zilliqa deserves to be on BitMax.

Btw Is this some kind of IEO?

This is the first time I'm coming across a bid option for trading currency. I guess this will sell out in no time

Auction sale on an exchange is something that I have never seen before. Bitmax doesn't cease to amaze with their innovations.

I'm only familiar with trading competition, the concept of BitTreasure and Auction is innovative and unique. I hope the users have a perfect understanding on how to go about the bidding.

I enjoy the events bitmax does to accompany their listings. Simply amazing.

they are really making sure every investor enjoys their investment

This should be the first auction of tokens on BitMax. This should give more utility and value to my Bitmax Exchange tokens, BTMX.

Since this is the primary listing of BOLT tokens, I’ll expect BitMax to do some kind of airdrop promotion.

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