BitGate Update May 2018

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Here are the latest updates from the development of BitGate.

Update from the Developers

An early demo of the BitGate exchange platform has been developed. The demo features customer onboarding with live BankID, buying/selling of BTC and a draft portfolio page with asset stats and a wallet for sending BTC to other BitGate customers. The wallet has been shown to key partners, including Signicat and BankID, and it was demonstrated at BankID-dagen on April 19th. It has also been presented to potential banking partners.

The beta version of the BitGate wallet should be ready for the end of Q2. It features easy identification with BankID, secure custody of BTC and send/receive functionality. This is now the main focus of the BitGate technical development effort.

New Team Members

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully expanded the BitSpace team in the recent months, thus we are able to deploy several full-time developers exclusively on the development of the BitGate platform.

James David Tandy
Enters into BitSpace as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), with more than 18 years of experience from the Norwegian IT industry. Read the full press release here.

Bjørn Olav Jalborg
Is a student and developer. Together with Torkel, he is doing great work on the BitGate code.

Halvor Bakke
Is a student at NTNU, and is working for BitSpace as a developer on a 20% basis. He is also ensuring BitSpace presence in the city of Trondheim.

Torkel Rogstad
Torkel has a strong computer science background, and good technical insight into the opportunities and challenges that Bitcoin and blockchain tech pose.

Wajid Malik
Has a Masters degree in filmmaking from London. For the last 10 years, he has worked as a producer of web apps and services doing UI/UX and content creation for large Norwegian and international client(s).

Office Expansion

In February, we expanded the BitSpace HQ. We now have 860 m^2 of office space in Nydalen, at the disposal of the BitGate team, as well as BitSpace and subsidiary/associate companies and partners.

Events and Appearances

We have recently presented the BitGate platform in multiple forums both nationally and internationally, and we are experiencing significant interest from potential investors and partners. Chief Operating Officer Ivar Duserud traveled to New York in the second week of May, presenting BitGate at SeedForum, an international angel/VC investors’ event hosted in several cities throughout the year.

We have also been at CXS Digital Hub, where CEO Manuel Lains pitched BitGate in front of Norwegian and Malaysian investors. This event took place on April 13th, in Drammen, Norway.



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Wow great update sir thanks for share this update

Thanks for share this update ...Eos Really Love You

Team it's really great to hear about the bit gate Exchange and i hope that in future it will expand it's reach effectively because your efforts and actions are reflecting in all updates. And it's great to know about the expansion of the team and hope that these expertise team will enhance the project and will come up with great ideas which will effectively help in our core ideology and that is decentralised world and platforms, Financial Freedom and Financial Control. And office expansion is really an good news and an office appearance always increase the integrity levels and in this picture we can see an amazing building and in my opinion this is awesome. I am following Bitspace so i know how hard team is working on the events time to time for more expansion. Keep up this amazing work team and wishing you an great day team. Stay blessed. 🙂

This account deserves all the affection of the world, for helping us in a great way, EOS will be better than what we expect, I wish you the best of luck guys, your work and effort will get many fruits, @clains always comes up with fantastic ideas and work and this we are sure will not be the exception.