Bitfinex has announced the allocation of loss among the holders of all accounts and assets

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Two days earlier, the Hong Kong stock exchange had intended to divide losses from the recent cyber attacks only among holders of bitcoin and those who borrowed dollars for margin trading in the pair BTC/USD.

"After much deliberation, analysis and consultation, we came to the conclusion that the loss should be allocated among all accounts and assets {...} When you log in to the account customers will see that the amount on their account deducted generalized loss percentage — 36,067%", — said the representative of the exchange Zane Tackett.

He also noted that Bitfinex plans to restore the user's access to website within 24-48 hours. The investigation of the theft, withdrawals, deposits and currency exchange frozen.

2 Aug unknown hackers who gained access to the key exchange, BTC stole 119756; according to Reuters, it is 0.75% of bitcoins in circulation. Bitfinex promised to pay the victims at the exchange rate at the time of cyber attacks: $604,06 for bitcoin.


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I think this is a bad precedent but is it better than the whole thing collapsing and everyone loses everything..

How many more exchanges hack do bitcoin users have to experience, no one knows but, as everyone says, never leave your coins on exchanges, better keep them in cold storage wallets.

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