BitF Jackpot - Multiply your BitF

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There is finally a use for all your BitF 😄

(if you haven't purchased any yet or you don't know what BitF is, check out the links at the bottom)

BitF Jackpot

What is this?

A simple jackpot for BitF. You can "purchase" tickets by sending BitF to the current jackpot address. Every 0.1 BitF you send will give you one entry. Every 50 blocks one winning ticket is chosen that receives 99% of the pot and 1% is kept for running the server.

How does it work?

The jackpot application creates a new address every 50 blocks and initialises the round by sending a transaction to the BitF network. After 50 blocks have passed (and at least 2 tickets were bought) a new transaction is sent to the BitF network. By adding up the two transaction ids a winning ticket is chosen randomly. The BitF is sent to the winner and a new round is started. The source code of the application will be published soon.

How to enter?

Simply visit copy the current jackpot address and use your wallet to send at least 0.1 BitF to the address. By sending 1 BitF you will receive 10 tickets for the round, by sending 1.5 BitF you will receive 15 tickets for the round and so on. Keep in mind that the jackpot address changes every round!

Enter now and multiply your BitF

Learn more about BitF

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You can support this project by donating BitF to fNJ9pphHWWufPEbKcfG2PuokdNEFxQmkzB

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