The Value Of A Carbon Offset Exchange

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The Carbon Exchange is a solution to a very practical problem. Selling carbon offset credits are one of the few ways to fund green energy development outside of a government scheme. When a generator creates electricity using green sources - the energy can be purchased at a premium by consumers to offset the CO2 emissions created by the power they purchase from the grid.

The Carbon Exchange will connect individuals and businesses looking to buy Carbon Offset credits using cryptocurrency. BitF will store a permanent receipt of the transaction on its blockchain.

BitF will also be promoting our own shopping cart plugin's that will allow a user to carbon offset shipping in the native shopping cart.

BitF is traded against BTC/ETH/LTC and can be found on Crex24 and STEX.


Great info thanks for sharing....I will have to look in to this

Eco-friendly renewals are always good, because something urgently needs to be done in this direction!

Valuable information.Thanks for this article.

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