BitF To Seek Venture Capital

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BitF is opening the door to venture capital. We have recently restructured our coin allocation in favor of creating a supply of coin that is available in the event we decide to raise funds.

Our market supply is still very scarce at just over 1m. A sale of coin to investors or VC firms would take place off market and not have an immediate effect on the circulating supply or market supply.

Investment would accelerate the development of our exchange software and would provide a quicker path to revenue.

BitF is a cryptocurrency that uses a POS as opposed to mining. Everyone who owns BitF earns more BitF through "staking". Until all 25m coins are minted, BitF holders will continue to get a share of the block reward, simply for holding it.

BitF trades against BTC/ETH/LTC and can be traded at or


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Let me help with mining! I am willing... (^_^)
I hope you have APPS wallet also to be easy for us...

If my common sense is good then I can predict one thing that BitF has a bright future. Keep going BitF team there is success ahead. Every cryptocurrency had to face hard time but they succeed, so do you. Best of luck.

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