BITE : EOS based testnet

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BITE Token testnet

This eos based chain will host the BITE Token EOS blockchain

Currently it has 5 nodes running over 3 different servers ( ranging from 4-8 cores 16-32 Gb RAM)

It is producing 1 block each 5 secs , and have been tested to up to 100 transfers /second

In this video we see the logging from 3 nodes , then one node is stopped and relaunched synchronizing to the chain

Then we set a python test to run 1-100 transactions per second

We are using an Excel dashboard to track nodes

We invite developers and interested in EOS chains to test our network at the public api node :

More info to come soon....


You should have provided more info about your chain project.
Have you got a webpage?

Have a nice day,

Hi Thierry

We are currently working on the webpage , also in the white paper , although at the moment the main scope is to have a eos net ready for the launching of main eos net (June)
You are welcomed to join us at telegram :

When is the white paper coming out ?

I think team will publish it this week