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Dear Steemits,

Welcome to my complete Review! my BitDig review will expose and destroy this nasty HYIP scam for the fraud that it is. If you were thinking of investing any of your hard earned money here, forget about it! Keep your money safely where it is and do not waste it on this worthless scam site.
Please share my review with anyone you know that invests online. They will thank you later after they see others lose their money into this scam. Do not believe everything you see. has a nice website but it is nothing but an empty hole of lies.

Let’s get started!

Official Website: no Review

BitDig is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers an ROI (return on investment) ranging between 6%-9% daily for 30 days. This adds up to a grand total of 132% to 198% returns! This sounds like an amazing offer for anyone, but is it real? HYIP is a relatively new program that has only been online for a little over one month. However, I have all the information I need to make my recommendation to you! Should you trust scam or should you save your money for something more reliable(like Steem power) ? Let’s take a closer look into the details of this company and determine whether BitDig is a scam or not!

Purpose and Mission describes their company as a Bitcoin mining and trading site. They don’t offer any other details and most importantly offer ZERO proof that they have any dealings in mining or trading.

A real Bitcoin mining site will show you a physical address where they have their mining equipment located. They will be able to have verified proof that details how much they mine and what sort of time frame they can double Bitcoin in.

Not only do they fail to prove they own any real Bitcoin mining facilities, they also have neglected to show their proof of Bitcoin currency trading. This lack of proof may not seem like such a big deal, but I have been around long enough to spot a scam when I see one. They are NO different than hundreds of other sites before them. is a FAKE site that does not trade or mine at all! They are just another Ponzi scheme that will last a maximum of 3-6 months and then run off with your money. Don’t believe us? Stick around and see for yourself.

The Facts

The best way of establishing identity of a HYIP site and those behind the scene, is to immediately look for information about the owners and the history of withdrawals. Most importantly, I examined the legal aspects of the company as well as whether they are truly an investment firm or just another Ponzi scheme in disguise. You can use checklist below to research your own HYIP sites!

  1. Who owns and operates BitDig scam?

The owner has chosen to remain anonymous. There is only one good reason to hide your identity online. When he steals all your money, you will not know who to go after! He has made a wise choice to hide his name. Never trust someone that refuses to tell you who they are!

  1. Is BitDig scam regulated or insured?

No and no! scam is not regulated. This means that nobody is checking on them to make sure they follow the rules. No financial groups even know they exist.

  1. Are they American based?

No. Most HYIP scams are based out of Nigeria, Asia, or Russia. The English on the site is not good, which means whoever wrote the script for the site was not a native English speaker. What does this mean? Not much, but generally speaking, many countries like Nigeria and Russia do very little to monitor online financial scams. This is why they flourish in these parts of the world.

They carry a business registration from the UK, but this is easily purchased online without traveling. These business registrations are completely meaningless and useless. However, we have noted that ALL of the recent HYIP scams has carried a business registration which proves they are worthless.

User Review: Is Paying?

The current reports suggest that is paying. However, this is typical and normal for a HYIP that is only 60 days old. Do not forget the tried and true lesson. ALL HYIP Ponzi schemes will fall, some sooner and some later. If you invest with Bitcoin, you will lose your money. Bitcoin is not traceable and the scam artists will steal it because they know they can get away with it.

If you invest with this company, you are taking a HUGE risk. You are 99.9% likely to lose your entire investment. They do not answer to anyone and nobody even knows who they are. They will swindle and steal until people stop investing with them. Then they will close and open a fresh new scam site to steal from.

Let’s Make Money!

If you are one of the millions of people trying to earn .money online, you are clearly not alone! Earning living online offers a life of freedom and opportunity! Don’t fall for the idea that you can become an instant millionaire in a few weeks by signing up to some software or high yield investment Ponzi scheme site. These types of earning programs will always scam you!

All of the high-yield investment programs claim to trade or invest your money for you. They lie! They are not trading or investing it, they are just stealing it. Why would you trust these scam sites when you can take advantage of the potentials in Steempower and make your own money?

Join Steemit to day and secure your financial future today .! Don’t leave your future in the hands of a scammer! Educate and empower yourself to make your own money! and join thousands of people who are taking the control into their own hands! with Steem.

Is a Scam?

Do not trust any of them. Ihave never met a single person that made it rich by using these nasty sites. The only people who do make money are the owners who steal from others. is a scam and deserves to fail. Do not invest!

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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There are tons of these companies all over the web.


We all need to be on the lookout

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