Bitcore (BTX) the answer to oversleeping progress on Bitcoin.

in bitcore •  11 months ago

For too long time, Bitcoin success has been rested and the emerging issues ignored.


Now, the cost`s of Bitcoin transactions alone are very high and the duration of the transaction is undefined as to whether it will be confirmed at all.
actuell unconfirmed until writing this article: 47278 unconfirmed-transactions

See yourself:

All the hardforks on Bitcoin do not completely solve the problems but just relocate them to later time.


--> Bitcore is the answer to oversleeping progress on Bitcoin.


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Actuell waiting transactions on Bitcoin: over 197t and waiting time more than 45min.

How long you wait until your transaction could be used?

Well, but BTC is no longer the original, as well. Is it?
if you read Satoshi's whitepaper, you can understand that BTC has become the opposite of what Satoshi intended to create. So, none of them are the original. :-P


correct, there are to mutch money maker /fee between the source idea

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I will try to claim mine thanks for sharing!

BTX to the moon. I love the weekly Airdrops. 4% each monday in December.