SteemIT more and more looks like BitConneeeect

in #bitconnect3 years ago

Do only me notices one thing -that SteemIT starting to look like BitConnect.?

People here looks like blind zombies. And where all that pseudo money comes from? Do you really believe that clicking Like button God creates money?

You can create as many virtual money as you want, as BitConnect did, in exchange of real money (or real crypto like BTC). But i have a feeling, and you can come back and read this again 1 year later - looks like SteemIT is pyramid scheme and only those first who make money and leave -will win.

I know i will get A LOT hate, but im used to stupid people. Bitconnect people too believed it was best deal ever. You should understand - YOU CAN NOT CREATE MONEY JUST BY CLICKING BUTTONS IN WEBSITE.

Dan is god to me, but this system is going in wrong direction.


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If you wonder why no one upvotes this, you don’t seem to understand cryptocurrencies at all, are you Warren Buffet?
You never create money with crypto, mining or staking. You only split the shares of the overall market cap and your split then is bigger then inflation, that way your split gets more worth. But no, you don’t create money by clicking a button.
Comparing an erc-20 token to a live Blockchain coin is like comparing an Hypothetical service to real goods.

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