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There are two primary ways to make profit with Bitconnect and the platform it provides. Both methods have been extremely lucrative in recent history.

  1. Buy Bitconnect Coins and hold them until they are worth more, then sell them for an easy profit.
    Pros: simple and easy, and the returns have been incredible over the past few weeks as seen in the image below.
    Cons: There are no guarantees that the currency will continue to go up. It has been going up due to increased demand but who knows when people will take profits and how much money profit takers will pull out of the market.

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 1.18.07 PM.png

  1. Use Bitconnect's lending platform which pays you an average of 1% interest per day on short term loans (less than 1 year until you get your principle back). This is what Bitconnect Coins are really for, you buy them and use them to give out loans on the platform and the returns are amazing. With a small loan like $100 which has a life of 299 days, it takes about 100 days to get $100 dollars of interest. By the end of the loan, you have received about $299 in interest plus you get your initial $100 dollars back at the end of the 299 days. This deal almost seemed to good to be true, but it is legit and many people have been taking advantage of the opportunity. This is why Bitconnect Coin has been increasing in value so quickly, people want to buy it so that they can use the lending platform. If you are interested, check out Bitconnect's website and sign up for an account here:

interesting. bitconnect is flying. I wonder where it will go

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