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RE: [Warning] Do Not Invest in BitConnect, it is a Ponzi Scam! Read these 10 Reasons Why

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It's an obvious ponzi but so many dumb people are investing shitloads of money in that it's actually going to last for couple of years. I'm sure of that.

Also most of them who earn from lending to bitconnect reinvest all of their earnings. That will make it sustainable even more. But god knows for how long. I wouldn't put a cent into it. Because no one knows when it's going to fall. And I'm sure it will.

When the supply of new investors stops or people stop reinvesting they are fucked.


People thought that beanie babies were a good investment too,
If they have dollars in their eyes , then their's none to talk them out of their stupidity.

Thank you for the comment @runicar.
I think with the UK looking closely into it, the affiliate programs being lower and more and more influencers calling it a scam, it should go down soon.
Please find below my latests update published a few minutes ago with the UK investigation!
📣 The UK Registrar of Companies could shut down Bitconnect!📣

Will look into it. But I still think people's greed will overrule. There is nothing better than free money for the dumbed-down, moral-less and uninformed people. That's why I think it will continiue for a couple of years because let's face it. Bernie scammed much smarter and more influental people than bitconnect is scamming now. And he was doing it for 50 years.

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