What in the bloody hell?

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This showed up in my twitter's feed and I thought for a second it was a joke, but turns out it's not. Yes, the Bitconnrekt that scammed thousands of people out of their money is coming back to the cryptosphere, and for the life of me I just don't understand it.

Is it real?

I don't know, it could be just a joke. I mean, we are long ways from April fools, but there's never a shortage of stooges online. So, I will go as far as to say there's a 50/50 chance something is going to launch here.


Now, don't get me wrong, I'm no way shape or form endorsing this ponzi by sharing the link, I'm just letting everyone know it's out there, and yes, there's a countdown for the launch.

Do the right thing

Not only stay away from them my friends, but tell those new guys, the ones who are about to join all excited because of the bull run, that this is NOT the way you make money. Plenty of people learnt the hard way, and there's no reason why more good people should fall prey to these ponzis anymore.

Do your part, share the truth!



I absolutely knew this was going to happen.

Do you really think they are gonna be able to bring in the cash again? I hope people are smarter this time around.

absolutely, its sad but unfortunately humans are just that dumb and greedy.

Man all I'm hoping is for the newbies not to fall for this crap again!
these MOFOs have ripped out a lot of cash from people!

I'm no way shape or form endorsing this ponzi by sharing the link,

I'm afraid that's exactly what you're doing my friend, linking back from an account like yours will boost it up the google rankings, just replace the .io with a [dot]io so as not to give them free advertising. :0)


will do my friend, thank you

Say no to Bitconnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeccccccctttttttt.

Such a shit project for people who got SCAM. This kind of thing make blockchain scary.

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What the bloody hell indeed!! You wanna talk about twatters!? I heard there is a lovely place called fakebloop, they let bullshit walk and money talk there all the time.

I cannot believe how many people got caught by it, was scam from day1.

How you doing meno?

hanging in there brother... :) waiting for the time to reap some fruits.

Incredible indeed! I wonder how they will do it now as I am sure that shillers will shy away given the consequences of the first time around.

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Excellent review @meno and it looks like this financial pyramid is back for new victims!

Well I did enjoy the bitconnect memes. This scam was so well publicised If anyone gets into it I without doing a shred of research they only have themselves to blame.

Thanks for sharing this sir.

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