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RE: [Warning] Do Not Invest in BitConnect, it is a Ponzi Scam! Read these 10 Reasons Why

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there are different opinions of different spectrums on this subject. But the truth of the matter. FUD prevents people from progressing in life and there were nonbelievers when bitcoin was .001 cents for 1 and they are just angry that they didn't take part in it sooner, the same goes for every ICO. Cryptocurrency was made with decentralization in mind for the community to create a community outside of the lines of society.


It is different:

Bitcoin HAS NEVER said it would give profits/returns to its users or even their money back!

Bitconnect has as its core marketing principle the "return" you get daily for some "algorithmic trading" and you get your money back after a certain amount of time. It is also based on new people joining to make the current investors richer.
This is a Ponzi Scheme.

You are supporting a crypto currency and by doing that you are adding value to it. the site itself says it. To build trust and reputation in cryptocurrency, it is doing just that by attracting more people to the platform through bitcoin which is creating in turn more demand.

Yup and? How is bitconnect or yourself adding any value ?
What is Bitconnect developping? Nothing.
I'm sorry, you are either already too invested in the platform to be objective or you just don't get it.

BtW to other people browsing through, @maxpayne created its Steemit account today and is already sharing his Affiliate Link to Bitconnect.

This discussion is closed, I won't reply anymore.

You are a scammer, at least try to not force other people into losing money.

I understand where you are coming from. Im new to this community and im getting a feel for it I didn't mean to cause a commotion. So how can I make money with my bitcoin?

By thinking, reading and studying.
The most important is to make your own research.
I like cryptos but I don't "like" Bitcoin, nevertheless I understand why people would want to own it as I understand what it is, how it works and what it could be.

If Bitconnect keeps expanding their website they can turn it into a semi-decentralized exchange or trading platform. How much would that be worth?

Imagine if Bitcoin came packaged with it's built in centralized exchange and used loans as a liquidity pool for that? Would the math and economics make sense or is it still not sustainable?

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