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This "lending bot" shitcoin* needs to die already! - Kenn Bosak

Where is the BCC white paper !?

Open source info on site !?

proof of 1 trade !?

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Thanks for spreading the warning signs!

I warned Trevon and Grant that their chuck and jive pumping of BitConnect is going to haunt them. Sure they are making money because they were early in the system. Late comers will not see the same gains and get caught as all late comers do in a ponzi scheme.

Had to give this a resteem just cause of the title. Kenn bosak first crypto crusader?

Ha ha ha posting my litecoin address here...LacKqv7ZgRvGQhxKDqayysUGdEzUCsfJzR

maybe its my own paranoia...when I looked at bitconnect I thought it was a scam...reminded me of that Madoff guy