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The site is down... The price is down... It's going down...

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Bitconnect Accessibility Update - Glitch in the website’s service

Bitconnect Accessibility Update
Bitconnect Accessibility Update - Glitch in the website’s service

The bitconnect dashboard and exchange platform will remain inaccessible due to a glitch in the website’s service. We shall be aiming to reactivate accounts by 3:00PM (GMT), 27 August 2017. The issue has been that many members have withdrawn more BTC and BCC than they held in their wallet. This issue is currently under investigation and we will be suspending accounts who benefitted from this glitch temporarily.

We will display a negative balance in the wallets of users who have withdrawn more funds than indicated by their balance. We request those members to refund all funds of BTC/ BCC back into their wallets to protect the value of the community.


We have stopped accepting any new registrations or log in until we calculate everything to prevent any further issues. We will do all the calculations in next 2 days and they should be completed by 3 pm GMT the 27th August 2017.

We would like to apologize to all our members for this inconvenience and we are working as fast as we can to resolve the problem and reactivate the affected members.

We value the patience and commitment all of our users are showing during this time.

The Team



Nice work being ahead of the curve on this HYIP. Now if you could just figure out that ethereum is going to implode in the next couple years, and stop recommending it to people, that would be great.

Whomp Whomp Whomp

I'm pretty surprised it's happening so soon tbh. A lot of dumb money in crypto and bcc locks in funds for what 300 days? Most of the people who "invest" in bcc end up "re-investing" their returns... They could of ran the scam for much longer I would think..

I would of thought it would implode much more slowly, starting with reports of a whales having their withdrawals locked.

When I wake up tomorrow I won't be surprised if it's back up or gone forever.

Maybe we could get @craig-grant to comment? ;)

Can we get the FBI to go after @craig-grant now? I can not believe they see this guy scamming people and do nothing (yes, FBI sees everything)

Just noticed @craig-grant - who usually posts multiple times a day hasn't posted in 4 days.

hahahahahahhahaha it's so done

I used to follow this guy to have some laughs but it is not worth anymore... Anyways, if I was him I would be scared... If he goes under arrest I would at least like to see it in the news

Great comment! Its been like he's been scamming and influencing people for so long now not sure how long it will go on. Well said @igormuba 👍

I tried to run but they ran away faster than eminem rapping ._.

also add @trevonjb

keep us posted @kennethbosak please

dude i remember when you did the video when u threw your 200 dollars in it. It inspired me not to throw my btc in this garbage. haha.

Are they cashing out? hahaha

26:45 - "If we make fun of those people bad enough to the point where they’re just humiliated and never ever want to ever do anything like this again, I think we’re doing them a service by just mocking the crap out of them." You make a lot of biased generalizations and stereotypes.