bitconnect login verification shield update#13 problem fixed

2 months ago in the beginning of October I tried signing in to my bitconnect account like normal I was able to get in like normal everything was fine then I go to withdraw my money from the account and I see the orange button that says login verification shield you are prompted to click and verify yourself through an email sent to your email address associated with the account I had gone through this process before it wasnt unusual a minor inconvenience but for account security one that I could live with so I go ahead and click it and I get a message in red text saying (unable to send email unable to send email) this gave me cause for alarm and now I'm concerned because this has never happened to me before being that I had 40k on the site in early October and roughly 90k this middle of November I was a bit worried this was alot of money the support on site seems to be only computers that are programed to respond in a uniform way and my problem didn't seem to be one that the computers were aware of causing confusion in my request for help thinking I had a different problem the computer would tell me to do something else unrelated that was very frustrating to say the least but I was determined to get access to my money and nobody was going to make me give up so I started a YouTube channel documenting my daily journey through this process for myself and others I felt I must not be alone finding comfort in the fact many others were also facing this same delema not knowing what to do I became more focused on getting this issue resolved not only for myself but the community of people reaching out to me asking if I had found a solution I uploaded a video to my old YouTube channel amassing a couple thousand views on it and began posting videos daily with the header Bitconnect login verification shield update # whatever number it was in sequence I then began to aquire a few subscribe desperately waiting and watching for answers and others interested in following me interested and wanting to help they would email and comment suggestions on what I should do to remedy the situation I would then try them document it and share with the public after a couple weeks I finally came to a solution I was told to make a new Gmail account and to get support to change my email this process took awhile due to computers telling me to change my email myself and me responding that I couldn't due to the fact I couldn't verify myself to do that because no email would send out of the site after 3 days going back and forth I woke up in the morning tried to sign in and was denied terrified my account was hacked because I shared the wrong information with some bad actors I panicked I then tried my new address and Viola it worked I signed in and when I clicked the login verification shield the email was sent and I got a message saying to check my email I made a new channel on YouTube called AnthonyCrypto Peterson my new channel has 50$ daily giveaways in btc and I show what's going in the crypto space and my active investments peace and love I'm out.

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