What is BitconnectX, and should I buy it?

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in this article I present you the second Ponzi scheme by Bitconnect, BitconnectX.

During it's ICO, BitConnectX is pegged to BitConnectCoin in a 3:1 ratio and will be a decentralized PoW/PoS cryptocurrency, During the ICO, it is also purchasable for $50 in either Bitcoin or Litecoin.

Should I buy BitConnectX?

If you hold BitConnectCoin: YES!
If you do not hold BitConnectCoin: Of course not!

Also, please, please, please, only spend your BitCoinnect on this ICO! You have been warned.


1 BitConnectCoin = 3 BitConnectX during the ICO

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Only if you want to lose the rest.

Please explain.

How likely it is for BitconnectX not to be a scam?

I estimate the probability of BitconnectX not being a ponzi scheme to be less than 1%.
It should though be noted that it is probably going to be more valuable than BitCoinnectCoin.