The secret to making money off Bitconnect...

in #bitconnect3 years ago

First off, I am sorry for all of those who lost money to Bitconnect. But fear not. Yon World has some tips on how to trade your almost worthless BCC.

The secret strategy to making the most money off of Bitconnect is being a Ghost.
Start watching at 5:12 and you can see him explain his abilities.

The good news for those who ~invested~ lended Bitconnect your BTC you can get some of your money back. Apparently they still have a way for people to get their coins on to HitBTC and trade them. Sure you lost value in what you initially put in, but it's much better than Bitconnect just walking away with your hard earned cash.

For those who lost more money they could afford on Bitconnect, Ryan from CryptoGrinders has some really good advice:

Remember, there is always a way to fix things with out taking extreme measures. First you have to realize your situation. Next make a plan and start now.

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