Bitconnect: 50% of the time, they pay every time.

in bitconnect •  11 months ago

Interest rates are going lower

While this month was one of the most volatile month in Bitcoin, bitconnect interest rates are going lower. They used to maintain an average of 0.90% daily interest rate, now down to 0.80%. This is a strategy to stop redemptions.

It's funny, now every second day they paying a higher rate. Also when a new days start, real time interest rate stays around 1.50%, just to go down few hours before interest is calculated. Just like any other slot machine, almost hit it this time.

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Lol, look at this. Definitively it does not look like a pyramid to me.


You have a strange conspiracy theory! ;) I seriously think that they have fewer deposits than payments this month, hence the artificial increase in the BCC price.


I think it a different way. If they increased BCC price it means that they spend their bitcoin they hold. If that does not help stop redemption, next selling way it will be even harder to stop.

Either way, it is fun to watch. I can't imagine a world without bitconnect.

they got bitconnectx coming out now