If you must and only if you must!!! Do this instead.

in #bitconnect7 years ago

If your hands itch to invest in a leading platform and we will use the most popular one in this case being Bitconnect



Then do this instead - Create 3 or 4 accounts, one referring to the other and pay yourself commission. Don't let others capital on your wealth. That's how you know it's a scam. But if you have the money and wish to gain more from your risk.

Simply use yourself as a Sponsor. Once you have the commission money 3 levels deep. Go ahead and transfer it to your original account making the loans and lend it again and continue the cycle of getting more commission money and leading more. Also now when do wish to compound you will pay yourself commission. Now you are scamming the system and instead of them doing it to you. Bittttttccccoooonneecttt!!!! HAHA good luck.


I wish i knew about this before making that mistake. Thank you for sharing.

Now you know.

I just love your post... can i resteem your post?

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