Oh Fuck...Bitconnect $5K Loan

in bitconnect •  last year

What's up Steemers,

I did my $5,010 loan through Bitconnect!! First payout was $76. It actually only cost me about $4,800 because I bought my bitcoin at the right time!!! Bravo!!! I also lost money because I could have just held onto my bitcoin for another day and added another 4%

I was looking at the charts and I kind of realized if you just held on to bitcoin...you really don't need bitconnect. So if you don't keep reinvesting a portion of your interest it does not out pace bitcoin.

If you have any question on how to lend on the platform reach out on the comments. Also, if you have an experience or an opportunity to get more involved in the crypto space..... I would love to hear about it.

Cincy Made

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