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I’m going to go straight to the point to show you step-by-step how to lend to BitConnect and earn up to 40% of your investment in one month. Note, however that you don’t have to wait for 30 days before withdrawing. Your earnings are paid and made available for withdrawal daily. How much you get paid daily however depends on BitCoin Volatility. If you haven’t signed up to BitConnect yet, click here and join the revolution for free! BitConnect is a Cryptocurrency listed on Coinmarketcap with unit price being over $110. The Lending investment opportunity is some excellent method to help you earn Bitcoins daily. As Bitcoin value is constantly growing, it looks absurd not to try out what BitConnect is offering! You will have to determine, how much to invest. The minimum required is $100. The more you invest, the more you earn.

bitconnect lending

Looking at the table above, $1010 seems to be an excellent startup point. Also take note of the Capital Back days.

NB: Once you sign up, look at the security area of your account to make sure your security rating moves up to at least medium.  A quick tip is to enable Google Authenticator. You will need to send Bitcoin worth your investment to your BitConnect account. You have a unique Bitcoin address within your BitConnect dashboard. Locate the BITCOIN WALLET tab and click the green button to show your unique Bitcoin address. Send your Bitcoin to the address and wait for at least one confirmation on the blockchain:

Once completely received, you will now have to buy BitConnect. Don’t worry: This is going to be very simple. You need to convert your deposited Bitcoins to BitConnect before lending. On the left menu, click BCC EXCHANGE:

Now, this takes you to the exchange page. What we want here is to buy BitConnect. Remember: We just deposited Bitcoins to our BCC account. To be able to lend and earn daily, we need to purchase BCC coins. So scroll the page up and locate the BUY/SELL BCC area. On the exchange form, locate the Total field and click the ALL button. Next, click “+Buy BITCONNECT COIN

You will have to wait for your buy order to be picked by someone in the market. Usually, it takes just a few minutes. However, adjusting and making a better offer can be quicker. We deposited Bitcoin in our BCC account. Next, we’ve bought BitConnect Coins. Now we need to move to the lending option. We will give BCC our coins so they pay us daily bonuses from their tradings. On your dashboard, locate the “LEND BITCONNECT/REINVEST” section. Click the Lend BitConnect button to pop the investment window.

In the Window that pops up, you will have to enter (in US dollars) the amount you want to invest. Note that the amount must be in tens: 100, 110, 1010, etc. Once you enter the amount in dollars, you will have the equivalence in BCC.

Make sure to check the box to accept the terms just below the window. Once it’s all set, click the Pay from Bitconnect wallet button. That will be all. All you have to do is wait for your endings to start the following day at the same hour you just made the investment. Compounding is simply reinvesting your interest. In other words, it means generating earnings from your previous earnings. In step 3 above, just click the Reinvest button to compound your earnings. The minimum required is $10 and that is counted as a separate investment. For many investors who want to increase their capital while mitigating risk of losing funds earned from other businesses, reinvesting is a recommended option. Your daily interests are accrued and deposited in your Lending Wallet.

There is a risk factor in any business you do. You may want to withdraw your daily earnings and be sure to recover your initial deposit before compounding. However, if you want to use your earnings to increase your investment capital, go with the compounding option. The bigger the risk, the bigger the income.  😉

Earn 40% per month with BitConnect:

How To (learn more at

Step 1: Sign up to BitConnect It’s absolutely free!

Step 2: Grab your Bitcoin address!

Step 3: Lend to BitConnect

Compounding in BitConnect

Any risk in BitConnect lending?



I know u spent a lot of time on this so here is 12 cents, but just know that you wil get flagged by others because a lotof steem,it whales and dolphins seem to believe bitconnect is a scam and so they wont want you spreading bitconnect links here, reember u wont get many people jhoining bitconnecty here on steemit so just dont bother, only a few thousand peopel here on steemit like 20k activ users so try using instagramand facebook to get people on bitconnect instead and dont tauint your reputation on steemiut here by making bitconnect posts even if your just doing instructional posts

uy should maybe expklainhow bitconnect makes its money, u wont be able to, yeah they claim they have volatility software and alending bot but u gotta like ask why u wanna promote this program, whetrn thers so many klegit ways to make money and yeah i know bitconnect is legiot too and had CANT be a scam when its the 12th biggest crypto currency, the tokens are real and traded on many exchanges NOT just bitconnect website, and the money on bitconnect comes from the volatility in bitcoin! thats what they say!

i wanna say yeah it OCULD happen, yeah i dunno im toirn myself honestly, i still dont know if they DO have the volatility software which they MIGHT, its not that hard, and OR i think they are just running a ponzi USING bitcoin and users make 40% a month because Bitcoin makes MORE than 40% a month so theyre able to simply trick peope into giving up theiur bitcoin for sdollar returns when bitcoin could have madethem dollar returns more than bitconenct but nio see bitconnect goe sup a lot too see i dunno man its crazy just stick to bnon bitconnect topics for steemit!

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