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RE: Complete review of the bitconnect scam!

in #bitconnect4 years ago (edited)

haha...looks like you have invested your money in steem and upvoting only on your get the profit...not bad buddy...otherwise i have followed and even upvoted your post..but, it looks like you will not goin to follow me back...So thats ok for that...have fun in steeming...:p


At the end of the day, agree or not we are all here for the money. That said, on a longer term basis, I also want good followers and want to be in touch with people who will be successful in this platform. On that note, I have not only followed you but also upvoted you. Cheers 🥂 upvoted for me..thankeww....:)
and yes i also believe in this...i am trying to earn by investing my own pocket money...:p :( which is a very little amount according to your a days i am just trying to making it reinvest and gaining some profit...:)

i wish if i could have enough amount then i will also looking to invest in it...but sadly i don't have...:(

but you used it very well and still using it intelligently....soon you will get to achieve what your goal...cheers to that...:)

Yeah seems like it’s going to take a lot of time to achieve my goals. This platform requires a lot of time and dedication, and I have a full time job. The way it will play out is that steem’s appreciation in value will be much faster than the reward that I will earn from curation or being an author. My suggestion for you is to make periodic investments from your pocket money and continue to do what you are doing. As this platform gains steam from the current 500k people, there will be significantly higher demand for Steem and Steem Power and the price will touch the moon 🛸

well you know what buddy...i am thinking to take deligation upvote power...but then there is a problem like the power of upvote decreases as you you have any idea about it...?

Yeah roughly 2% decrease for every upvote, if you power up 100%. Every day you power back 20%, so do 10-15 upvotes a day

okay...even though i am not getting exactly...hehe...but its like you have researched it well...
well, is this the reason why you have not given any upvote on my other comments..hehe...sorry..:P

ummm...okay i understand...i will do the same...but i want to ask you that...did you get how much you have invested...?

Yeah roughly 50%-60% higher than my original investment.