I would be more interested in tracking the amount of btc you initially invested compared to the amount of btc you have been able to withdraw. This is a more accurate reflection of your returns. I bet it's nowhere near 50%.

Your probably right but you have to consider that if the price of bitcoin dips or crashes the interest would still keep coming. Also if you reinvest $1,000 over two years it will reach $1,000,000. I don't think Bitcoin will reach a million in the next to years. But if it does then I'm still good.

If price of bitcoin crashed they may well run. But if they control the vast majority of BCC (and hence its price) they could probably manage that.

Always following Alex, the last 2/3 days were shit because of the glitch fix. But looks like it will be back to .50% tomorrow and growing back to the normal 1.5% ish.

Yeah, I was a little worried but they cleared it all up. Can't wait to start reinvesting again.

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congrats man! Keep it up! Hope you reach high.

Very good is post in the daily payout

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