We’re Ready To Launch BitcoLoan Protocol! The Last Step Left

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Today is a big day for all of us. We’ve been through many stages and been going at this for over a year. Finally, we’re ready. We announce the BitcoLoan Protocol launch!

There’s lots of work ahead, but we’re already on the verge of the crypto lending world revolution. To reach this goal, we’ve developed BitcoLoan Bridge and started new technology partnerships.

Right now, our platform is at the last auditing stage and is ready for the CeFi to DeFi transfer.
BitcoLoan Bridge

We’ve developed a brand new process transfer and digitalization technology from scratch. Once we’re finished, we will pass the technology other companies. Using BitcoLoan Bridge, any platform will be able to make a full CeFi to DeFi transition and vice versa.

This technology is now in demand more than ever. Technology, logistics and other platforms seek the full decentralization, and therefore adopt some cutting-edge technologies in order to be competitive on the market. BitcoLoan tool will allow them to do so with a minimum resources and costs amount.

BitcoLoan will use its own example to show the technology efficiency and present it to the world.

One of the integral BitcoLoan Protocol parts are BITCOLOAN and derivative dBITCOLOAN tokens. dBITCOLOAN token is available for purchase on the Uniswap exchange. You can find out more about it at the designated page.

dBITCOLOAN Token has just got on to the exchange and is now trading at a low price. Yet, statistic DeFi platform token price can increase 10 and even 100 times. It is likely that this is your chance to buy token right now and make a decent profit.

BITCOLOAN Token will be listed on the centralised exchange within 10 working days. You’ll be able to send the token from your Metamask wallet to the exchange. You can sell or even buy more tokens there.
Technology Partnerships

Such rapid BitcoLoan Protocol and BitcoLoan Bridge implementation, which seemed impossible at first, is due to the technology partnerships with companies that have made great contributions of human and technological resources.

At the moment, our companies’ technology stack share and testing are taking place. Thanks to our partners, you will soon be able to enjoy the new benefits on both CeFi and DeFi BitcoLoan platform.

We’ve finished working on BitcoLoan Protocol amd BitcoLoan Bridge. The last step is full technology audit that will be carried out by the Certik company.

First of all, all systems are being audited for security and continuity. As soon as the audit is complete, we will publish the results.

We are only days away. We are on the verge of something truly big and great. And it's all thanks to you. Our technology audit will be completed this week, and the you will find out the rest of the BITCOLOAN token exchange listing details.

Stay tuned.

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