Two vacations in a row thanks to BitcoLoan!

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Greetings, BitcoLoan! This is a great honor for me to write this story and share my opinion with you. Your stories really inspired me and some of them even gave me faith to experiment! Okay, let’s cut to the chase.

My name is Celine; I’m from Malmö – a beautiful city in Sweden. I've known about Bitcoin since 2017. In that regard, you can call me a cryptocurrency amateur! I wish I was a pro though haha. I’m going to be frank with you – there are not so many services where we can really increase our assets. I’ve had some great success stories, but I also have failed quite a few times. In May, when I found out about the BitcoLoan website, I had around 0.5 BTC. It’s a good thing I didn’t decide to keep all of it considering its current price and all. Now to investments: I deposited $3700 on 15 May. The daily outcome was around $28. Honestly, it was more than enough for me because I was saving up for the vacation in Norway and this money was purely for my future hotel stay. It changed in 2 weeks though – my car got broken all of a sudden and I couldn’t afford saving up anymore. Then I invested another $3500 in a business loan. I got $52 a day and waited for around a month to be able to repay the car repair services. It’s pretty pricey in Sweden. :(

Here’s the most interest part of my story! This week I got a letter that I’ve got a VIP investor status! I got home from vacation almost a week ago and this was definitely good news! Apparently, I have 635,000 tokens on my profile! I didn’t really pay attention to it, but now that I’ve read all your stories I realize that it’s a decent assets to have. I’m claiming all of my tokens right now. I’ve decided to withdraw it all for now and wait for the exchange entering. This is all so excited for me! I didn’t even know what Metamask was before BitcoLoan…

I’m planning my future vacation now. It was pretty cold in Norway, why not go to Southern Italy? If I’ll be quick, I can go this August! We all deserve some quality vacation after all the difficulties we’ve been through for the last two years.

The Bitcoin price now is not a pleasant sight, I know. I can’t afford long lock-up period loan as I need money in the nearest month, so I’ve made individual loan deposit of $5600. I just hope nothing will break while I’m saving up for my next vacation haha.

Treat yourself with something nice, you all deserve that!

Med vänlig hälsning,


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