​New Audit Report, Partner’s Profitable Loan and Just Released Podcast!

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The BitcoLoan Protocol launch is on its way. We’ve just got the auditor’s report and are ready to share it with you. On top of that, our technology partner has a pleasant surprise for you.

A lot has happened in the last few days. And to make sure you don't miss anything, we've released a new podcast. Don’t forget to check the Dashboard -- a new loan offer is waiting for you.

Let’s take a closer look at all the updates.

dBitcoLoan Token Audit

We’ve just finished the derivative dBitcoLoan token audit -- a vital part of the Bitcoloan Protocol. One more thing is taken care of, and It means that we’re one step closer to our goal.

Other protocol parts are still being audited.


A lot of important news has come out over the past few weeks. To make sure you don't miss anything, we've decided to release a podcast. Our hosts talk about all the important BitcoLoan updates and share the protocol launch insights in the most convenient format. Check it out now! https://soundcloud.com/bitcoloan

DLT Loan

Just as we’ve mentioned before, to launch the protocol, we’ve partnered up with some technology companies. One of our partners has approached us with an extremely intriguing offer.

Right now, the DLT company needs a loan. Together with us, they’re developing their company and planning on using the BitcoLoan Bridge as soon as the protocol will be released. Before that, their Road Map includes opening up offices in 25 countries. To proceed with the schedule, they’ve applied for a crypto loan.

DTL Company is a young but yet ambitious and promising company that offers solutions for DeFi platforms. They helped us a great deal and we’ve decided to help them. A new crypto loan on extremely favorable terms is already available in your Dashboard.

The total amount to raise is $850,000. Invest in this loan and get 1.5% profit daily! We suggest that you hurry as the loan request will be closed in 72 hours.

And to make this deal even more profitable for you, we give you a 20% bonus promo code! Apply DLTC20 code and earn more!

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