Let’s pump this token and Be Rich!

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Hello everyone! My name is Jacob. I live in Christchurch, the South Pole. I want to share some of my future plans with you. I have a few believes in the future of this platform and, hopefully, you will share my mediocre opinion.

It was, as always, a friend of a friend who made some big money on their crypto. Namely, my wife’s coworker from another department introduced us to the BitcoLoan platform. He invited us to participate in a joint loan and didn’t want to slip his crypto on his own. We’re a couple who’s always up for experiment! That day, we trusted our personal finance to BitcoLoan.

Having invested $3500 each, we profited $2520 in a month. Frankly, we just “chucked” some of the savings into the platform and forgot about it only to wake a month later and see some $$$ on the balance! Nevertheless, the loan term was not over and we had to make a choice: withdraw it and go on vacation or keep it and see how it goes. Thanks to covid, we’d chosen the second option.

It was May already when the second deposit month was about to end. Each of us had $2600 that needed some attention. It didn’t make mush same at the time to just withdraw it. In that respect, we laid our eyes on the BitcoLoan token. I have another success story with another project token I may tell you some other time about. We had 450000 tokens already, but buying some more with the interest money seemed a better idea. Thus, we spent $5200 on some made-up currency! I don’t regret a thing though; 1,180,000 tokens in the future might provide us a nice pension capital. We’ve always dreamed about spending our retirement years somewhere in Haiti.

I was kind of overwhelmed when I found out about the token sold out this week. We just invested another $4200 to get more profits for the token purchase! Well, I was forced to book some of the token on Metamask. My goal is no less than 10 million tokens! You could possibly imagine how RICH we’re going to get with the token listed on Uniswap?

For now, I’ve got around 2,000,000 tokens already. I booked another million just to see if it will work. In the most optimistic terms, I will be a legit BitcoLoan token millionaire in September!

This is my small-time crypto success. I hope that there will be more token enthusiasts to cheer me up!

Wish the best to you all!

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