Extra pizza a day or $4000? Small Investor’s Story

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How’s it going, BitcoLoan? I’m Chhay, one of the most loyal BitcoLoan users. I’m here for more than half a year – I’ve seen so many great things that all of you achieved here.

How come I haven’t posted anything yet? I’m writing this now to fix this misunderstanding. I hope you will like the pictures of my homeland! Cambodia is beautiful.

I came across the BitcoLoan community on twitter. People seemed really obsessed with crypto and so-called “crypto lending”. I opened the website and started reading these mighty success stories. My main question is – what is your success founded on? I mean you can’t brag about your thousands of dollars without decent capital you’ve been raising for years! For this reason, I want to devote my small success story for small investors.

So, long story short: crypto has always been more of an entertainment for me than making money. I like making small deposits, buying small supply coins and see how it goes. It is always some extra $15 here and there. It can also be -$300 occasionally, but it is my fault completely. This is the price you pay for having fun without decent financial backing.

My first deposit was around $500 in ETH; the daily profit was $4. Well, that was enough to order a small pizza in my place! But I’m not writing this to tell you about my pizza profit. As soon as I saw the slightest potential, I started looking for a way to increase interest. Since I’m an active twitter user, increasing my BitcoLoan rating didn’t really seem hard. It was not only rating – I created a small network of friend interested in crypto. Believe me or not, but people got inspired by pizza success! Perks of living in a developing country.

Let‘s get back to the very first deposit. In 35 days, I got back all ETH and extra payments, equal to $640. To my surprise, my referrals added another $580 to my portolio. In total, I re-invested $1220 to the increased interest plan. I was making $18 daily – imagine how much pizza I could by then!

In 2 months, I re-invested $2600 in a really long-term deposit: 90 days and 1.5% pofit. I wish my rating could be higher though, but I can’t go against the rules. I’m making $39 a day for a month already.

Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to obtain VIP status yet as I am 100,000 tokens short. Hopefully, I will get more soon since I’ve invested $1170 in DLT loan yesterday (my $39 daily Business loan profits).

Okay, it’s time we did the math: I earned $4100 in 4 months on BitcoLoan. It was only $500 of initial capital. I multiplied it with being active online and working with rating and some of the referrals. It might not be the easiest or “quickest” 4K in my life, but it’s certainly worth trying. After all, I was doing it for fun! And pizza.

I hope that my fellow small investors find this success story relatable or inspiring at least.

Best of luck to all of you!

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