Crazy Gain and Almost Zero Effort: Lazy-bones and Money Can Go together

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Hello there! Name’s Pete. I’m a crypto investor from the states. In this amazing story, you will find out how I’ve become something bigger and slightly more successful. You listen now!

I bought some Ethereum and Bitcoin and it didn’t do so great. I never had too much money to my name, but it was not hard to build a small portfolio. First, I tried re-investing my profits into some other altcoins; I’ve heard many success stories about splitting the crypto among small coins. So, my five hundreds of bucks turned into $3,000. Probably, I expected too much from crypto back then and this “success” didn’t make my heart sing. Besides, I had no wish to fall into that rabbit hole and spend my time trading my bread crumbs. I am a man who values maximum money and minimum effort. I was looking for some other way to double the money so I wouldn’t waste my time trading.

Luck was and still is on my side. I happened upon the mighty BitcoLoan website. As much as I could afford to do the technical analysis side of the matter, BitcoLoan offers zero effort and all the profits in the world. Okay, I’m only messing with you. Life taught me not to keep my expectations high. As my first entry, I put in about $2,500. Among other things, I also invited my crypto maniac friend to take part in the same loan I bet my crypto on. I left BitcoLoan for some time; I was quite lazy about it and checked the profits only when a push came in. I was surprised to see the actual $1540 waiting for me in my dashboard. Nice going, Pete!

It was about time I took some action. A fairly stable income time was about to end – I put the equivalent of my month’s salary in to the second business deposit. That was to say around $4300 ($1500 included). Oh boy, those deposits have been going enraged: no less than $3100 per month! Could you imagine that lazy-bones as myself could blast off like that?!

At some point, I feel addiction to playing with my crypto like that. I’ve been watching the market and can tell that it always requires good timing to sell or buy something, which imposes risks and a feeling that I’m not in control of my money. But Bitcoloan makes this game exciting!

Now I’m thinking about putting some real effort into it. While the market is stagnating, I will help my crypto grow on its own. I want to beat my salary income and make it $5,000. Once again, I have to rely on technology in my life.

So you know, I’ve made $6300 in 80 days. Let’s keep up those crazy gains!

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