CeFi to DeFi Transfer Has Initiated. Transfer Your Account Right Now!

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The protocol launch continues. Now we’re on to the next stage – the full transfer from CeFi to DeFi.

At this point, we will need your active cooperation.The more you assist us, the faster is the transfer.

From now on, you can send your profits to your cryptocurrency wallet.

CeFi to DeFi Transfer

We’re ready for the change, the rest is up to you.

When you will want to withdraw funds, you will see a special form where you have to fill out the payout wallet address.

You need to enter all your active wallets addresses depending on the currency you’ve invested in.

You can change these details if you make a mistake, but we recommend that you fill out the wallet address field very carefully.

To transfer BitcoLoan from CeFi to DeFi, we will need to collect 67% or more of the clients’ wallet addresses. Please, get started now.

IMPORTANT: Do not use the exchange wallet addresses for payouts. Use only cold, online or hardware wallets.

When we collect all the wallet addresses, we will announce the launch and grant access to the protocol. All the payouts will be carried out automatically.
More Cryptocurrencies

Together with the protocol launch, we continue the simultaneous CeFi element development of the platform.

By July 28, you'll see more than 10 new cryptocurrencies added, including USDC, SHIB and other tokens.

So that we could get priorities straight, please tell us in the comments what cryptocurrency or token you miss the most on the platform.

Stay Tuned!

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