Story of Aurangzeb Mughal Empire

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👈 * Blessing of a lime *

Mullah Ahmad Jeewan of India
The Mughal emperor Aurangzeb was the teacher of Alamgir.

Aurangzeb had great respect for his teacher. And the teacher was proud of his student.
When Aurangzeb became the king of India, he sent a message through his slave to the teacher that one day he should visit Delhi and give him a chance to serve. Coincidentally, it was the month of Ramadan and the students of the madrassa also had holidays. So they turned to Delhi.

The teacher and student met at the Jama Masjid in Delhi after Asr prayers. Taking the teacher with him, Aurangzeb walked towards the royal fort. Aurangzeb and the teacher spent the whole month of Ramadan together. After performing the Eid prayers together, Mullah Jeewan expressed his intention to return. The king took a lime out of his pocket and presented it to his teacher. The teacher gladly accepted the offer and walked home.
After that Aurangzeb became so involved in the battles of the Deccan that he did not come to Delhi for fourteen years. When he returned, the prime minister told him. * Mullah Ahmad Jeewan has become a very big landlord. * If permission is allowed, a tax should be collected from him. Aurangzeb was surprised to hear this. How can a poor teacher become a landlord. He wrote a letter to the teacher and expressed his desire to meet him. Mullah Ahmad Jeewan visited the month of Ramadan as before. Aurangzeb treated him with great respect. Mullah Ahmed's dress, conversation and mannerisms were as simple as before. So the king did not have the courage to ask him to become a big landowner. One day Mullah Sahib himself began to say:
The lime you gave was very blessed. I bought cotton from him and cultivated cotton. God blessed him so much that in a few years it became millions to hundreds. Aurangzeb was happy to hear this and smiled and said:

  • Let me tell you the story of lime, if you will. *
    Mullah Sahib said, "Definitely tell me."

Aurangzeb ordered his servant to present Seth "Uttam Chand" of Chandni Chowk with an account of such and such history. Seth Atam Chand was a minor. When he was presented to Aurangzeb, he was trembling with fear. Aurangzeb said softly: Come forward and explain the details of opening an account without any hesitation.
Seth Atam Chand opened his account and started giving details of date and expenditure.
Mullah Ahmad Jeewan and Aurangzeb listened in silence and came to a halt. There was a limestone listed as an expense but there was no name of the recipient in front of it. Aurangzeb asked softly:
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Yes, tell me, where did this lime go?
Atam Chand closed his account and said: If I have permission, I will tell a painful story ...?
The king said: It is permissible. He said: O king of time! One night it rained heavily and my house started dripping. The house was brand new and all the account details were in the same house. I tried hard, but the roof kept dripping. I peeked out and saw a man standing under a lantern. Thinking of being a laborer, I asked, "Brother, will you do labor ...?"
He said why not. The man went to work. He worked for about three or four hours. When the house stopped dripping, he came in and fixed everything. That's when the morning call began. He said:
Mr. Seth! Your work is done. Allow me. I put my hand in my pocket to pay him a wage and a lime came out. I told him:
O brother! Now I have this lime, take it, and come to the shop in the morning, you will get paid. He said, this lime is enough, I can't come again. My wife and I begged him a lot. But he did not listen and said, "Give me this lime, otherwise leave it." I was forced to give him the lime and he took it away. He could not be found till today. Today, fifteen years have passed. My heart rebuked me so much that I would not let him get up even though he had money.
After that Atam Chand asked permission from the king and left. The king said to Mullah Sahib:

  • This is the same lime *. Because I had changed my disguise that night so that I could find out the condition of my subjects. So there I worked as a laborer.
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Mullah Sahib said happily. I already knew that this lime would have been earned by my talented student through his hard work. Aurangzeb said: "Yes, really. The fact is that I have never taken a penny for myself from the royal treasury. I make hats two days a week." I work for two days. I am happy that because of me the need of someone in need has been met. All this is the result of your prayers.

_ * (Reference: Book / Interesting Events in the History of Islam) * _

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