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What Goes on In Most Men’s Minds? You Need to See this…

I don't know about you but I always find myself staring at every pretty lady in my vicinity. Call it a sense of appreciating the beauty of God's creation. One thing that runs through my mind is after all ' our eyes are not made with curtains' (a direct translation from a native saying in my first language).

Anyway, Women in some sense make most men strive to a breaking point. Well, actually I think it's what makes us appreciate life even more. But why should we work so hard and end up like any other guy in a suit and tie? Look around. How far did the guy you envy so much reach after having a high education which was somewhat expensive?

Did they beat the likes of Steve Jobs in terms of success? What's their net worth? I don't mean to be rude. I'm just driving a point across. I'm at my 20s and I think we all need a lifestyle change.

WTF! Something is Definitely Wrong Somewhere!

The system that I was meant to believe as a kid in my point of view I think is rigged. You'll study hard, end up in an incredible university. Then study some more and land a good job with an amazing company. Only to find out that, yes you are earning a good income, but most of it is to repay the student loans you accumulated back in campus. And that’s not the half of it.

Your entire life will rotate around this job like the air we breathe. Any rumours of you getting fired will literary ‘kill’ you. We end up depending and planning for our next month’s income even before it reaches to our pockets. Until your liability ends up being more than your income. That's when reality strikes to give you a new a realisation that it's not all bread and butter.

What we call midlife crisis kicks in at your 30s (which is the age where we all have a stable job or a decent income). You decide it's high time to party like you're 22. Which I personally think is sinking yourself into an even deeper crisis. This is to all the friendly lads still in their 20s.

You need to stop this cycle before it lands you at your retirement age and you have nothing to show for it. Only a huge CV that doesn't help you in your retirement. Trust me, out of the experiences I've witnessed, the retirement benefits will not put food on your table for so long. And more so, that cash doesn’t make you a millionaire.

You need to jump onto the next ship that will lead you to richness. With a bit of research and the right friends, there's always an idea of the century. Something new that pushes everyone to the finish line in terms of financial stability.

Getting a better life

Now, here's where you need to pay close attention. In the 20th century, the internet was something to brag about. Some of the few who jumped ship and learned the necessary skills, even without education are now among the richest people on the planet. I don't mean betting. Okay, let me repeat this phrase. I DON'T MEAN BETTING.
Gambling is a fast way to make quick money and rich fast.

Unfortunately, over 90% of gamblers are way below the poverty lines. They made others rich and eventually sunk to debts. Yeah, sure. I can't deny the fact that there are people who are now extremely rich out of betting. But, trust me that is not your route. Statistics puts the larger majority who purely depend on betting and think that it’s a lifestyle in the losing end.

So what should you do?

First, throw away that bet plan you have and save that cash. Or better still, use that money to clear a few loans here and there that I know you’ve accumulated. Then next, there's something known as cryptocurrency.

I bet that's the next ship that will make you richer than you can imagine. It's the money that will change our future life. Think of knowing where you can mine gold. And I mean literally mine. I'm sure you've come across the word Bitcoin. You need to find out what is the crypto world?

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is money that doesn't have any affiliation to any state or is not in physical form. It's like having your money in PayPal. The only difference is for you to withdraw this money, you will need to convert it to your local currency. The local currency in this context is known as fiat currency. In short, any form of money that can be converted into hard cash.

In summary

Be smart and find out what you need to do in this century and stay ahead. That's today's lesson. There are a few places you can buy Bitcoin for instance localbitcoins. I’ll give you more insight on the same and how to get around the crypto world. Stay tuned guys for more!

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This is a great post!
I like how your story takes an unpredictable turn. Such creativity is undeniable.
Definitely looking forward to your future posts!

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