After 10 Years, Still Bitcoin Is In Shadows. What Went Wrong?


Bitcoin as all know is a cryptocurrency which came to Public domain almost 10 years earlier, A Marvel of its kind, is still today in shadows , Not widely popular and accepted as Other payment mediums. Even E-wallets which came later for use have surpassed Far ahead but not Bitcoin.


Still Bitcoin Is In Shadows ?


Thats why we Look into factors that why Bitcoin has not achieved the traction it should.


They are enumerated below:-

  1. The problem of the Bitcoin Scalability

This is one of the biggest and most serious problems faced by the Bitcoin users. The Bitcoin scalability problem refers to the limited rate in which transactions of Bitcoin payment platform are processed. The transaction records, better known as the Blocks, are very limited in size and frequency. So, due to this nearly three transactions can be processed per second. This limits the functionality of the Bitcoin users, who have to undergo transaction confirmation delays every now and then. There are many proposals for Bitcoin scalability problem, but there is no working solutions for the Bitcoin Scalability for now.


The problem of the Bitcoin Scalability


2.Costs of Bitcoin Transactions – High Fees

The costs of sending Bitcoin from one to another have risen significantly in the previous years. In the month of August, the fee of the transaction of Bitcoin cryptocurrency had climbed higher. The price of the Bitcoins Transactions had soared by 547%, rising from the $1 to $6.47 at peak times.


3. Block Time Issues

Bitcoin users are challenged by block time issues. In the context of the cryptocurrency, the block time refers to the length of time it takes to establish and validate the existence of the new block on the platform. Theoretically, the block time of the Bitcoin Blockchain is ten minutes. However, the reality of the block time is not as precise. Some time it takes 40 minute Block time.


The precise time of mining the Blockchain is difficult and unknown, as the amount of time a block generation takes depends on the difficulty of the hash. Another issue of the block time is that a block is only verified by the Bitcoin miners. The Bitcoin miners compete against each other by solving a mathematical problem.


After combating other a great many block time issues, the successful Bitcoin miner is rewarded the cryptocurrency. The process is complicated and complex, which fatigue the users. It has been a decade to the inception of the Bitcoin, but problems and issues of block time had increased instead of decreasing.


4. The volatility of the Bitcoin

The Bitcoin is a high volatile digital currency. For instance, if someone set aside the $1,000 for spending it on a trip to Italy and save it in the Bitcoin wallet, the value of the $1,000 can either increase significantly or drop considerably below.


The volatility of the Bitcoin


In 2010, if the value of the Bitcoin was worth $10, it rose significantly within two years in 2012. The high volatility of the cryptocurrency has not helped in fueling the popularity of the Bitcoin. In order to achieve mainstream popularity, the Bitcoin price needs to become more stable which kinda is not possible.


5.Convenient of Usage of the Bitcoin

To be honest, the ease of usage of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency had increased considerably since the last few years. However, the interface and rules of the platform are not user-friendly. For instance, if an average user would like to buy the $200 in the Bitcoin, the user needs to open a Bitcoin account and then link the account to the checking account. The checking account has higher fees, and users have to wait several days for clearing the transactions.


All said and done, the processing of the Bitcoin transaction is not an easy affair. Users go through different stages; only then one transaction is completed. This has discouraged users from using the platform of Bitcoin for investment purposes.


Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the general concept of the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is in its infancy. There are many problems attached to the functionality of the network before it receives mainstream acceptance by users. It is also very important to note that this is not an exhaustive list of factors limiting the usage of the cryptocurrency network. There are many other challenges faced by the network, which affect the functionality of the network and the productivity of the users. For instance, there always remains a lingering threat from the governments that could render the usage of the Bitcoin as illegal.


However, most of the problems of the Bitcoin network can be conveniently resolved in future and settled. So, you must be aware that there is a great time left before you could encounter a group of people paying Bitcoins in a nearby shop.

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