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in bitcoins •  2 years ago

The market is buzzing with all the ICOs and people are falling over one another to get a piece of that action.

Here's what I researched today.

I have invested a bit in Ethereum - but basically it’s for buying into ICOs and believe that many people are doing the same.

My first investment research was about Storj.io and it looks promising - because I have thought about setting up a mining rig, but the ROI wasn’t attractive to really set it up.

But Storj has removed that impediment for everyone by allowing everyone to rent out their free hard disk space and make money - it's a service that rivals Dropbox, Google Drive etc. etc . and it looks like a sure winner.

Next was Golem - which used your PC's idle computing power into creating a super computer - however they say that the people will be paid by a ‘lottery’ system, which to me, seems a ridiculous proposition - who would want to work to get a ‘chance’ at making money after working for it.

Golem has a good model which I think was also used by some people searching for ETs and will work wonders - but they have to come up with a better remuneration package.

If you have invested or researched about a promising venture - please share in the comments section.

Disclaimer: This is not an investment advice - I don't have any stake in the abovementioned companies - not at the time of writing - I am not getting any commission for writting about it either :)

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Bought some bitcoin, litecoin and ether on the dip recently. Got in on the wagerr ico as well.

Other than that it has been mainly in forex and i might buy some bluechip stocks in my country that got beaten down.

It is nice seeing what others are doing. Sharing ideas for investment is great for starting conversations...

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