Cointiply review – a website that offers amazing earning potential in bitcoins

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image source: cointiply

I have been running cryptocurrency faucets for about three years. I like to know my competition and am always looking around.
I discovered cointiply a couple of weeks ago. At first it was not much different than most other faucets but in the meantime, the website has really improved and offers a lot of features.

A website that provides many ways to earn bitcoins

What I like about this website is that you get rewarded in coins. The value of these coins is linked to fiat money ($). You can always see the amount of coins you collected so far but also the corresponding value in bitcoins.

image source: cointiply

What differentiates cointiply from normal faucets is that it offers many ways to earn.

Claim from the faucet

You can claim once per hour from the faucet. Your claim will generate a random number that will define the amount that you earn. In addition to that you will get a loyalty bonus that will increase by 1% every day that you claim from the faucet. Try not to miss any day to get up to 100% bonus. Let's take an example:
The random number that you get gives you a reward of 17 coins. If you have a loyalty bonus of 20% (you have claimed 20 days in a row), you will get additional 3.4 coins with the same claim.

Desktop mining

On cointiply you can run a desktop miner that will use your computers power to mine monero with the coin hive application. The website will calculate the amount of value you produce and pay you in coins.

Offer walls

There are plenty of offer walls available on cointiply. I usually do not like to do these offers because it is too complicated to reach a payment. On this website however, I discovered two offer walls that are very simple to use. You only have to visit websites to get paid.

There are many different offer walls available on cointiply. You can find out the ones that work for you. I personnaly like two of themThere is the PTC Wall where you can simply watch ads and get paid for it. The payment is however quite low.You earn much more with Minute Staff. There are quite a lot of websites that you can visit and accumulate the rewards. I use the tabs Instant, visit, view and click
Offerwall.jpgptc wall.jpgviews.jpg

image sources: cointiply

mining game.jpg
The mining game - image source: cointiply

Games to earn more

In addition to all that, cointiply allows you to earn while playing. You can play simple browser games and earn coins for it. There is also a quite complex mining game where you can invest your coin into mining devices and get hourly dividends. I tried it out for a short time but stopped because it was too time intensive.

Earn more by spreading the word

At cointiply you also get a referral link with which you can invite your friends. For every person that enrolls using your link, you will get 25% commission on the faucet payouts and also 10% commission on the offer wall earnings.


You need to collect at least 35'000 coins to be able to ask for a withdrawal to faucethub. Before I request a payout, I like to wait till the price of btc is rather low. The payout will be in btc so the lower the btc price, the more btc I will get.

A good business model

My opinion is that cointiply has a good business model. It has several income sources and can easily afford to pay its users. The mining game makes people invest their coins into the website. This is positive because a part of the money stays in the system and forces people to be loyal.


Thank you very much for reading my post. Feel free to upvote, comment, resteem or follow (@achim03).

For several years I have been running websites called faucets where I give away cryptos for free to people willing to take them.

I love to share my knowledge and to help people. I dream of a world based on love, tolerance and equality, where we build our future together, helping each other.

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excellent !!


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