Bitcoinreal, name of a life changing project

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A life changing project named bitcoinreal which is a bitcoin hardfork developed by satoshi nakamoto who is the founder of bitcoin.
Recently bitcoinreal realesed five bounty campaign & a airdrop campaign.
feel free to join btcr community.
here is bircoinreals official website:
you can see every details in here..
& here also their whitepaper, you can check it:
very legit project. don't miss this project & don't miss the chance to win thousands doller rewards.
Now we will discuss about some of great feature of bitcoinreal...

**what is bitcoinreal??
Bitcoinreal is a digitized cryptocurrency that is aiming to achieve all three core objectives of blockchain i.e.

  1. Security,
  2. transparency and
  3. Instant payment transfer at cheap rates. The idea has been developed by Thesatoshinakamoto who believed bitcoinreal will achieve the same objectives that bitcoin failed to conquer
    Bitcoin Real is a Bitcoin Fork which will happen on the (TBP) block. It will have all features of most popular Bitcoin Forks (Masternodes and Staking with Proof Of Work and ASIC Resistance)
    Proof Of Work allows users to mine for coins also increase network stability and performance by helping verifying transactions across the block-chain.

you can also buying & selling cryptocurrencys
Assured by a hybrid network of Proof of Stake (PoS) and Proof of Work (Pow) with Masternodes

Bigger blocks, SegWit2X, Bellare-Neven signature aggregation, Smaller size of Schnorr signatures, Key Aggregation

Incentivized by mailing lists and BRIPs (Bitcoin Real Improvement Proposals)

~400’000 TPS (Estimate based on many factors which considers a “worst case scenario”)
Bitcoinreal has a currency converter too,

Convert your favorite currency to Bitcoin Real or another crypto currencies that you would like to exchange FIAT or Crypto.


Making a payment is very simple, you will
require an address to send coins too as well
as the required amount to send.

How to create wallet:
Create your Bitcoin Real Wallet by using our provided desktop applications or by creating an account on our web-wallet.

Bitcoinreal (BTCr) is one of the very few projects that will tap into all three parameters of blockchain together with providing robus transaction system.
so guys don't miss this life changing project.