Via the Honeyminer Blog: "A Brief History of Cryptocurrency Mining: From Laptops to ASIC Farms"steemCreated with Sketch.

A short, comprehensive story of bitcoin mining's history.

Enjoy, and be well, Everyone.

Via the Honeyminer Blog: "A Brief History of Cryptocurrency Mining: From Laptops to ASIC Farms"

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Videos: YouTube and BitChute DTube

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Earn Bitcoin While You Shop Online

Earn bitcoin while you shop using Lolli (similar to eBates) Click here for more info

Purchasing Cryptocurrencies

Looking to start purchasing cryptos? Open an account at Coinbase, and you’ll receive $10 in free bitcoin for your first purchase of $100 or more. Link HERE

Binance is a great exchange to buy and sell cryptos. More Info Here

Kucoin is also a good option for coins not listed on Binance. More Info Here

Changelly is a good option for exchanging coins without having to use an exchange and the fees are reasonable. More Info Here

Mining Cryptocurrencies on your PC

The easiest way to min cryptos is to use the Honeyminer. More Info Here

If you’re a little more technical, Minergate is a good option. More Info Here

Crypto Wallets

Need a good, basic crypto wallet? Download the Exodus wallet

I also like Coinami for both the PC and smartphone. More info Here

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