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Congratulations @arpox!

Arpox solved the very first Puzzle of this series Bitcoinhaus. Congratulations! You can see the full conversation in the Neon District discord chatroom where clues were archived each week. (See #creativecrypto channel)

bitcoinhaus puzzle winner.png

More to come with an official recap soon. Thank you all for playing :)

About CryptoPuzzles :


What are CryptoPuzzles?

A Creative Crypto (@creativecrypto) original art series that embeds clues to cryptocurrency wallets within collectible NFT (non-fungible token) artwork. This first Puzzle Series is called “BitcoinHaus” (@bitcoinhaus) which includes a set of 3D architectural monuments inspired by cryptocurrency icons. Embedded in each artwork are a network of clues that lead to a wallet and a prize. Different views of the same 3D landscape will yield answers and expose curious avatars (known as KryptoKodama). These collectible creatures will help you find your way. As NFTs are sold, the record of sale will be recorded on the Steem blockchain, thus making it eligible to receive crypto-backed upvotes. With each sale, the treasure will grow.

FINAL @bitcoinhaus treasure = 1,082 STEEM

Learn more about @cryptopuzzles - explore our homepage.


Well done @arpox! I'm glad someone managed to wade through all the mystery!

does topaz map @hansikhouse account pass?

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