Cryptocurrency Bangladesh

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#Bitcoin is illegal in #Bangladesh. So you can not easily buy or sell bitcoin Cyptocurrency However, bitcoin's ascent hasn't been without some notable speed bumps. Because it's not backed by a central bank or government, it's frowned upon in certain countries. For instance, earlier this year China outlawed initial coin offerings, which often involve exchanging bitcoin for newly issued virtual currency. The economic giant also announced the closure of domestic cryptocurrency exchanges. While it hasn't outlawed bitcoin, China has made trading or owning bitcoin a real challenge for its citizens -- and bitcoin is banned for banking institutions.cypld.jpg
#India will not ban #bitcoin

India will just regulate Bitcoin

So.. can we expect Bangladesh to follow the path of India - The Dada of #Bangladesh about the future of Bitcoin in Bangladesh ?cypnn.jpg

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Let's hope that Bitcoin is recognized as a legitimate currency.

So you say it's not easy to buy Crypto in Bangladesh but some people are finding a way? Hope it all gets easier in the future.

Folback & upvote back.

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I really like this post sarnaly! keep it up!