Why I would love to buy Bitcoin Diamond

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Hello fellow Steem users,
This is just my thought towards Bitcoin Diamond and there are chances that i can be wrong, so just DYOR too.

November 23rd I came across Bitcoin Fork and yup, my reaction was the same "Not Again". I was unaware of the 1BTC : 10BCD and, indeed it was too late by the time I discovered about the"FREE MONEY".
Anyways I found BSD on Binance and its at 84$.

What are the chances it will go high? Is that even a question?
Anyways it's a fork of Bitcoin(Father) itself.
It's is only listed on 3 exchanges
2-3 days since the fork
Good Market Cap
and this one too

Too many coins 10*(Number of bitcoins).
Free coins.

We know that it can easily touch Bitcoin Gold #BTG value which is around 351$ and I say Diamond is costlier than Gold ;-) lol

Thanks guys
feel free to deny or agree,& let me know your thoughts too.

#bitcoindiamond #bitcoin #BSD #cryptocurrency #blockchain #fork

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it will go up in value for sure

How do you get the Bitcoin diamond though? Do you have to deposit your btc on a special wallet or smthing?
I’m very new at crypto :P

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Buy coins on any exchangeTransfer the coins to any other site where BCD is available to buy, in this case Binance/YoBit/Gate.io sell those coins and buy BCD in same money.

Oh so I can't get Bitcoin diamond just by holding my bitcoins?

it's too late. fork was on 24th November

haha I guess I missed that one :) at least bitcoin keeps going up