Nandibear - free Bitcoin Cash 0.01 BCH giveaway #8

in bitcoincash •  5 months ago

Nandibear spotted again this evening!

Upon sighting the Nandibear stood for a moment before requested that we give away these keys for a free 0.01 BCH!

He then disappeared into the night.

Please scan the private key below and sweep the Bitcoin Cash into an address of your own!

We suggest using the wallet app (but please feel free to use any wallet which supports BCH), a fully featured non-custodial wallet which gives users complete and sole control over their funds. You may download the wallet application (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS) here

Some other places you can find the Nandibear include: nandi bear luke

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

PLEASE leave some comments! Talk a little!

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Today I have successfully claimed the reward. Thank you sir @nandibear for the great giveaway of Bitcoin Cash.


Congrats @msena it's great to read that you were able to claim the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) giveaway today! You're welcome, no problem at all. Please check back tomorrow for another chance at claiming another 0.01 BCH!


Thank you sir. I eagerly waiting for the another chance of this great giveaway.

Another excellent give away @nandibear. Looking forward to tomorrow 😁

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Thanks @practicaleric! We hope to see you back here tomorrow! The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) giveaway will continue!