Nandibear - free Bitcoin Cash 0.01 BCH giveaway #17

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Nandibear spotted!

Reports of a nandi bear sighting are out tonight. When we arrived on the scene the bear was gone (thanks to the photographer for sharing the picture!) but a note was left behind containing the keys to a free amount of Bitcoin Cash!

Please scan the private key below and sweep the 0.01 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) into an address of your own.

We suggest using the wallet app (but please feel free to use any wallet which supports BCH), a fully featured non-custodial wallet which gives users complete and sole control over their funds. You may download the wallet application (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS) here

Some other places you can find the Nandibear include: nandi bear luke

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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Why does this bear look like it just murdered someone's entire family?
"First things first though. What is a Nandi Bear?
The Nandi Bear is a cryptid animal who purportedly lives in Kenya and ostensibly elsewhere in east Africa. The bear is named for the Nandi people of Kenya who believe that the bear hunts humans and then eats their brains."

  • from the website LOL

Hahaha thanks @hotsauceislethal for checking out the website!! YEs, the nandi bear is ferocious!! Thanks for the cool comment! Please stop back tonight for a Bitcoin Cash giveaway!

Glad to see you tonight @nandibear and I want to thank you yet again for the continued BCH giveaway, stay always blessed. I was a little late and did not claim it today. Hopefully you will be back tomorrow😀

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Hey @practicaleric thanks and it's good to see you here at the Biticoin Cash giveaway tonight too!! No problem, you're welcome and the BCH giveaway shall continue on!! Thank you very much for the blessings and you always stay blessed too. Sorry you weren't able to claim the BCH today but yes, absolutely, the nandi bear will be back here tomorrow night for another Bitcoin Cash (BCH) giveaway!

Great giveaway sir @nandibear. I'm too late to claim the reward. Anyway eagerly waiting for the next giveaway. Sir what do you think about the bear market, i mean do you predict that when the bear market will be end?


Hi @msena thank you very much for the kind words regarding the Bitcoin Cash giveaway!! Very sorry to hear that you were not able to claim the BCH reward today. However, we will back here again tomorrow night with another 0.01 BCH giveaway! In regard to your question about bear markets.. sorry but I am really terrible with predictions! I wish I had answers, if I did I'd be able to give away larger amounts of Bitcoin Cash! Hope to you see again at tomorrow giveaway!