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RE: Nandibear - free Bitcoin Cash 0.01 BCH giveaway #28

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Thanks again sir @nandibear for another great Bitcoin Cash Giveaway. I have a question..what do you think about Bitcoin SV? Will it be a successful coin like Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash? I hold some Bitcoin SV but some people say Bitcoin SV is a useless fork.

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Hi @msena, thank you for asking about this. Myself I don't think BSV has a future. Even if it does, I do not want to anything to do with it. If I still had any BSV I'd sell it, trade it for BCH (or even BTC). Those are my thoughts. Thanks again for asking!

Thanks sir for the valuable reply. Now I'm selling my bsv and converted to Bitcoin Cash. I asked this question to many crypto analysts and most of their opinion are negative about BSV.

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