Is COINBASE trying to STEAL your Bitcoin Cash?

in #bitcoincash5 years ago
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I have written them a bunch of emails and they don't respond to any of them.

I don't think any of the exchanges are giving out funds.. they own the funds in the main wallets and im sure they will earn themselves some nice money holding all those coins.

I am setting up a bunch of computers to run wallets to hold onto these coins.. worth the cost of running them plus you can mine a few coins too ;)

Poloniex GAVE me my Bitcoin cash. This really needs to be addressed.

dude they said a bunch of times they weren't going to create a BCH wallet, you should always move your coins off of coins base especially for the forks

They didn't create a wallet? BUT...they RECEIVED Bitcoin Cash on the FORK. #FACTS~

yeah they received everyones BCH but made it VERY explicit they were not distributing it.. call it shitty, sleezy, whatever you want it was still transparent.

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