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Hello Everyone, we just wanted to provide some background info on SLP Tokens.

As you all know LBD is the Ticker Symbol for The Libertarian Dollar, an SLP token. SLP tokens transact on the BCH blockchain much like ERC20 tokens transact on Etherium. Last I checked it cost only 1 satoshi to send any amount of LBDs. This is quite a deal if you know what's happening with "gas" prices in the etherium project.

At this time we are aware of four wallets that support SLP tokens: Electron Cash; Bitcoin.com; crescent.cash and Badger.

This may not be comprehensive. If you are aware of any other wallets please let us know, and tell us your user experience if you have an account.

Using SLP tokens is as simple as a BCH / SLP toggle button or drop down arrow. If you select SLP you are now in the SLP universe and if you send an SLP token to another address your wallet will be debited that 1 satoshi. It is as simple as that.

No reason to be intimidated by any of this my friends, instructional videos are out there and we'll do our own one of these days.

When using SLP tokens it is important to confirm the token id, which for LBD is Token ID 9633d1e624c5892bbf9407fb465bd23591f1083e2ed833eeaec694593ca5eded

Apparently other token names may overlap or even match already created tokens. It is important for people creating new tokens to respect already existing names. But anyway, the solution is a quick check of the token id which is absolutely unique for every token out there.

If you look at how much it costs to get 1 troy ounce worth of silver in LBD the total still comes to $31.90, a very competitive price for the services this program offers. Is anyone out there able to procure silver in hand for less than $31.90 an ounce? Let us know in the comments below. And even if you can, remember what this program offers in addition to redeemability: we store it for you and now you can send it anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You get all the benefits of the Bitcoin model only with a silver backing. Today the comex price closed at $26.63.

We are not going anywhere. It has been a while since our last update but we are here for the long haul, still working on doubling our inventory of silver once again. Check out our "Roadmap" where we delineate what we are working on behind the scenes.

The easiest and best way to buy, store, redeem and most importantly transact in silver is The Libertarian Dollar, ticker LBD, an SLP Token. Get yours today at www.libertariandollar.com

Any questions email [email protected].

We do not sell LBDs unless we have the physical silver to back it up, in possession. If someone were to buy all 646 LBDs available at this time they would not be able to buy any more until more physical silver was added to our inventory. The "continue selling when out of stock" option is NOT enabled on our website.

Updated Inventory:
3 - 10 ounce first majestic coins
4 - 5 ounce first majestic coins
3 - 2 ounce first majestic coins
23 - 1 ounce first majestic coins
40 - 1/2 ounce first majestic coins
124 - 1 ounce maple leafs
2 - 100 ounce RCM bars
1 - 32.15 ounce first majestic bar
3 - 10 ounce first majestic bars
3 - 5 ounce first majestic bars
6 - morgan silver dollars (advertising budget not for sale)

Price per 1 LBD (24.057 grams of Ag): $24.65
Price per 1.293 LBD (1 troy ounce of Ag) = $31.90
Price per 0.041 LBD (1 gram of Ag) = $1.02
LBDs available for sale: 646
Silver backing for LBDs on sale: 500.15 ounces
LBDs in circulation: 1.012
LBDs in Mint: 7,111,111,109.988

This week we should confirm that BTC, BCH and visa are functional payment methods. We understand there are 9 additional options but we definitely want to make sure these 3 are working properly.

Increase inventory of silver. Obtain safe / safety deposit box for storage. Obtain insurance program that can double as audit (we assume the insurer would want to verify what they are insuring). Obtain audit certificate from BDO International or equivalent. Obtain some technical equipment (laptop, desktop, business phone etc) to help with customer support and marketing program (starting with a podcast interview tour, radio commercials, web ads etc). Hire employee #2 with skill set to handle regulatory and accounting, set up LLC or whatever appropriate, etc.

The Easiest and Best Way to Buy, Store, Redeem and Most Importantly Transact in Silver. THE Silver-Backed Cryptocurrency, The Libertarian Dollar, ticker LBD, is an SLP Token. Get Yours Today at www.libertariandollar.com

You can email us at [email protected].


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