A Quick Look Into Today's Dark Web & The Increased Adoption Of Bitoin Cash Within It

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The dark web is the underbelly where Bitcoin first flourished and still represents the medium from which significant amounts of Cryptocurrency purchases occur today.

This is because most of the clear-net only offers "trading services" which do not encourage users to use their Crypto to exchange goods and services.

When you are on a dark web market, you are on a site which completely relies on Blockchain technology to make transactions as anonymously as possible.


Dark Web News Sources

The first was on Reddit: r/darkmarkets got shut down though, Deepdotweb.com has been most people's go-to-source for news of happenings on the dark web's marketplaces. Deepdotweb has had some erratic behavior as of recent, namely European visitors getting error messages when attempting to visit the site.

Whether or not this is a deliberate ban on usage or simply a temporary glitch is not certain yet. Many people also like to point out that relying on one single site for your information may be hazardous, especially for those looking for the right market to purchase less-than-legal goods/services.

You would only need the authorities to infiltrate the website and funnel users to fake sting operation marketplaces (also known as honeypots) to bust someone.

Reddit Becomes Dreaddit

Dark web users rejoice because an alternative news source of the deep web's marketplaces is available and has established itself as a website which is only accessible using a tor browser. dreadditevildot.onion is the url for Dread, a clone of Reddit's r/darknetmarkets.

Since the site is only accessible through using Tor, your IPs are not easily traced. Dread has several boards already being posted in regualarly by users, the biggest being r/darknetmarkets with over 13,000 subscribers.

75% of Dream Market Vendors Take Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin cash has became a significantly important Cryptocurrency within one dark net market, Dream. BCH was added to the site six months ago when BTC experienced very high fees, causing many on the site to lose money on purchases in BTC that were less than $100 in value.

Bitcoin Core has somewhat controlled their problem with high fees, while Bitcoin Cash has been adopted more and more because it simply works better for the buyers & vendors. Dream market records 102,000 listings from vendors who accept BCH, versus 126,000 for BTC.

The Dark Web Continues

Many remember that DDoS attacks stopped many deep web markets from operating for much of last year. The following is a review of the most renowned dark web markets which are still running and a review of their uptime:

  • Olympus Market: 99.81%

  • Dream Market: 98.19%

  • Rapture Market: 92.22%

  • Point Market: 91.87%

The point is the dark web is still operating nearly the same way as it was when Silk Road was still being used. It is a thriving ecosystem of Cryptocurrency-using marketplaces where you can buy almost anything anonymously.

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Sources for images (that are not mine) are provided by clicking on the image itself.

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For reasons like this, I have higher hopes for Bitcoin Cash than old Bitcoin

Me too! I'm guessing BCH is the T-rex 😉

Why is Bitcoin Cash more likely to be used on the darkweb? Is the value of goods exchanged on the darkweb great enough that speculation in digital currency should be done only after considering dark web transactions of the future?

Because Bitcoin Cash is a better digital currency than BTC Core. It works faster, better and cheaper. To your second question, I do not quite understand. What do you mean by "web transactions of the future"?

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