Bitcoin Expected Price In 2018 In my viewpoints

Bitcoin Expected Price In 2018

Hi, I am shuvadeep , happy to here and today I express my all experience. Today i am talking about Bitcoin. We all know that bitcoin is virtual cryptocurrency and rank no 1 in coinmarketcap since 2009. So today topic is very common and natural, that what will be the price of Bitcoin in 2018 end December. Many Experts said about that and really I appreciate their works and thoughts. After High touch In 2017 December Almost 20k$, Bitcoin bounce bank nearly 5K$ around. But all experts hope this very common in cryptocurrency market, because its very shows up and down.

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So after deep analysis, I saw more and more news about price, right now suddenly bitcoin price down around 6.42% ( 7044$) as per coinmarketcap . now I tell you a brief expert comments actually what that thought about price..

  • According To ''Tom lee'' Fundstart's said btc will touch approx 20k dollar in this year end, yes as per he said I am Also agree that views.
  • john Mcafee said btc reach nearly 50k$

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The Conclusion about price Bitcoin In 2018( as per my thought)

As per My viewpoint I think Bitcoin defiantly will grow for sure and may be it reach 20k$ or above and we know very well whole cryptocurrencies market depends positive news as well as negative news, So we see some good news.

  1. 1st ETF not approve, in the , meanwhile I am positive for upcoming ETF approval.
  2. 60 to 70% country finally accepts bitcoin and progress their regulate process
  3. This year Consensus 2018 got very well response as compare to previews year. this year approx 4000+ attendance and 250+ speaker.
  4. As per Experts said I am also agree with all of them
So, Finally i am also thought same that this year price will be tough 20k$ to 35$k, i am not sure it will happen or not but its just my thinking as per positive news and experts said.


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Lastly i know very Impotent notes that i think many of them not aware that-- '' In 2017 Btc Jump Over 1700% but its not a big jump if you compare 2013 and 2016.

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